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This work (A&RDPrices) will follow up on from our recently published work in Lancet Oncology (2016)
The project
High costs of innovative and often promising cancer drugs are an increasing problem, which does not only ...


This work (A&RDPrices) will follow up on from our recently published work in Lancet Oncology (2016)

The project

High costs of innovative and often promising cancer drugs are an increasing problem, which does not only threaten the financial sustainability of cancer care1 (and in its wake, the health care system as a whole), but –as part of the total spectre of new drugs that are launched- also hinders fast access to sometimes significantly better or potentially life-saving treatments for patients with various types of cancer. It is extremely important to develop and test new models of the use of patents and licensing in combination with alternative models for financing of drug development research, that can lead to more responsible ways of drug pricing for those potentially very high cost medications from a societal perspective.

We aim to explore models that can be used to improve societal responsible ways of drug pricing, to use economic modeling and (partly utility based) game theories to generate likely scenarios in using those models and to propose a number of options with varying degrees of dependency/cooperation with (traditional) Pharma in bringing those drugs to market (the clinic). Preferably this project should lead to one to three pilots. Using mathematical modeling (decision- or agent based) on the selected concepts and related development- and market diffusion scenarios, we will conduct a health economic analysis as well as a macroeconomic and price trend analysis; this will be performed for the Netherlands, 2 large European countries as well as for the US (as pricing decisions in the USA are very influential for the European markets) as existing drug (Cost Effectiveness and Health Technology Assessment based ) evaluation mechanisms will still apply and even become more distinctive (with financial boundaries gradually tightening). It is likely that we will also need Game Theory (and utility) based modeling, as market developments can be unpredictable and Pharma is likely to defend it’s position with all (un-)conventional methods available. At least one project will be drafted as a cooperation with Pharma, one as a stand alone public private cooperation and one to be decided.As much as possible we will team up with agencies and charities active in this field, such as KWF, CRUK, OECD, and the (Dutch) national council for Society and Health Care with which contacts have already been established. The work will be executed in close cooperation with the dept. of HealthCare Technology and Services Research of the University of Twente, providing access to innovative modeling techniques. In addition Prof Huitema is closely involved in early stage pharmaceutical research in the NKI and University Medical Center Utrecht.


You have a Msc in health sciences, health economics, MBA, or economics/mathematics, with interest in both modelling, health care, and business-sciences. You are motivated to bring your skills and creativity in for this important topic. Interested applicants should be qualified in pharmaco-economics, health economic modelling or health technology assessment on master level and preferably have some experience in scientific work and publishing.


You will be employed for a period of at least 3.5 years. The gross salary per month is € 2.567 to € 3.162 according to the standard PhD scales. The terms of employment will be in accordance with the CAO Ziekenhuizen (Collective Labour Agreement for Hospitals).

Additional information

Please submit an electronic copy of your CV, preferably the names and contact information of referents, and a cover letter describing education, research experience and, t research interests

For further information and addresses visit our home page ( or contact Prof. Wim H. van Harten ( or Prof. A Huitema (

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Inspiring international atmosphere

Approximately 550 people work in the NKI research laboratory and many of the clinicians are involved in research. Work discussions, lectures and seminars are inspiring and a large number of non-Dutch post-docs, students and staff members contribute to the stimulating and international atmosphere of the Institute. The group of Wim van Harten is positioned within the department of Psychosocial and Epidemiological research (PSOE) and currently involves 1 postdoc, 4 PhDs and a number of master students involved in health technology assessment/health economics and mathematic modelling.


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