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We are looking for a PhD candidate who is interested in the field of  closed loop supply chain management  in combination with (inter-) organizational learning.
Practitioners currently experience a paradigm shift from cost minimization towards ...


We are looking for a PhD candidate who is interested in the field of closed loop supply chain management in combination with (inter-) organizational learning.

Practitioners currently experience a paradigm shift from cost minimization towards ‘cradle to cradle’ approaches. Product life cycles are extended by reuse and recycling. This is driven by customer demand for take-back, shortages of raw materials and energy resources and a general concern for the environment. A closed loop supply chain comprises a forward and reverse chain. Value should be created from a customer-, environmental- and economic perspective. Key in this proposal is information value. Often the reverse chain has been called ‘the mirror’ of the forward supply chain. Design flaws, badly timed promotional activities, inaccurate pricing strategy, unbalanced score cards and sales targets, are all valuable information. Information value is actually a driver of other types of value, such as customer value and environmental value, both in the forward and reverse chain.

The lack of multi-disciplinary research has resulted in relatively little progress in the field, whilst at the same time its relevance is booming. We argue that companies have trouble adopting new routines, in particular when collaboration between supply chain actors and other stakeholders is needed. One way to tackle this is by looking at the (inter-) organizational learning processes. Organizations need to learn collaboratively in response to their environment when a (CL) supply chain is formed or renewed. Players must learn from each other and need to share know-how and information. New theory is needed to make progress.

The PhD candidate is expected to study the literature in various disciplines thoroughly, develop and test a conceptual framework to better understand the mechanisms underpinning organizational learning in a closed loop supply chain context, and to specify which parameters best be managed to create optimal conditions for learning amongst CLSC actors. The study will mainly involve qualitative research, possibly extended with a quantitative study. The theory developed will be tested and validated in practice.

The candidate is also expected to participate for 10 to 15% of his/her time in educational activities within our Master of Science in Management and potentially the Bachelor Bedrijfskunde. Also, valorization activities form a considerable part of the daily activities of the candidate.


Preferably the candidate holds an MSc degree in Management studies or econometrics/mathematics with proven affinity to business studies. The candidate is flexible, able to work independently and is result driven. Preferably, the candidate has good communication skills (oral and written) in Dutch; fluency in English (oral and written) is required. The candidate should show interest in educational science research, have proven experience in carrying out case-study research and quantitative analysis. Also the candidate should be able to collaborate with business companies and work independently. Teaching experience and publications are not required, but are considered an advantage if the candidate can demonstrate experience in these areas.


The PhD candidate will be appointed for a period of 12 months. The appointment will be extended to four or five years (0,8 fte) when progress and performance are good. The salary is € 2.191,- gross per month in the first year and is expected to increase to € 2.801,- in the fourth year, for a full time appointment, contingent on satisfactory performance.

The Open Universiteit provides good secondary benefits such as training, mobility, part-time employment and paid parental leave.

Additional information

A summary of the project proposal is available by e-mail

For more information about this vacancy you can contact: prof. dr. Marjolein Caniëls, tel. 045-5762724, e-mail:

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