Assistant Professor (UD) Experiments in Multiphase Flows 1.0 fte

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Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant
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38 uur

The Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) has a vacancy for an Assistant Professor (UD) Experiments in Multiphase Flows (1.0 fte) at the Department of Mechanical Engineering.


General information
There are many industrial activities in the field of multiphase and reactive flows in the Netherlands, ranging from large multinational industries to smaller regional companies. Typical application areas are oil and gas extraction, production and conversion, automotive, food and chemical industry and power plants. Research in these fields can therefore have a large impact on the Dutch economy. Important topics are the development of efficient multiphase contact equipment, the design of two-phase heat exchangers, optimization of heat and mass transfer in multiphase reactors, the development of sustainable types of fuel and the design of efficient and clean combustion systems like engines and gas turbines. Innovations in these application areas are only possible if the investigations are supported by fundamental research on the underlying physical mechanisms, in particular multi-component and phase-transitional flows, multiphase flows, turbulence, reaction kinetics, combustion and combinations thereof.

These phenomena are studied in-depth within the Multiphase and Reactive Flows (MRF) group, headed by Prof. Deen. The group covers the entire range of research from fundamental to application-oriented. This is illustrated by its publications, by the wide range of international research collaborations in combination with close cooperation with industry, by the patents and by the spin-off companies.

A joint laboratory is shared with the Energy Technology group with state-of-the-art measurement techniques, such as 3D PTV, LIF, PIV, high-speed cameras, and with specialized experimental facilities, such as two optically accessible diesel engines.

Research in the Multiphase and Reactive Flows group focuses on dedicated experiments, supported by analytical and computational techniques. Applications are described above and design issues may be related to all these topics. Both large-scale equipment and microfluidic devices are considered. Experimental techniques are applied to various length and time scales, and one of the focal points of the group is the development of measuring strategies to reveal the physical phenomena underlying the multi-scale phenomena. Another focal point is the development and application of numerical methods for multiphase and reactive flows to facilitate and complement analysis and interpretation of measurements. Strong ties with major industries related to process and combustion technology facilitate the identification of new research themes where the group can play a pioneering role.

You will focus on multiphase flow experimentation. Two main topics will be investigated:

  1. Bubbly flows (together with Prof. Deen, Dr. Dam)
  2. Metal fuels (together with Prof. de Goey, Prof. Deen, Prof. Kuerten and Prof. Roekaerts)
The first topic involves development experimental measurement techniques for tailoring the bubble size distribution in bubble columns via i) the use of surfactants and ii) the use of micro-structuring (introduction of static obstacles to generate bubble cutting). The research work will range from small-scale processes (three-phase contact, interface interactions) to large-scale phenomena (the overall mass and heat transfer characteristics). Accordingly, numerical models based on first principles and predictive models are needed, associated with dedicated experimental validations.

The second topic involves development of the different process steps in an energy cycle that uses fine metal powders as recyclable CO2-free energy carrier. For the different process steps a process design will be made and test rigs will be developed and tested under actual conditions. This includes metal powder species transport and combustion, as well as for metal oxide reduction with hydrogen generated from clean energy sources.

You will contribute in the closer integration of the MRF group, as these topics link the subjects of multiphase flow with those of fast chemical reacting flows. You should have complementary knowledge and expertise as compared to the profiles of existing group members. This particularly involves the (experimental) profile of Dr. Nico Dam (laser-based diagnostics mostly on measuring temperatures and species presence/concentration). Substantial collaboration with other group members (both with experimental and numerical expertise) is expected and will be encouraged.

You will be responsible for at least one course within the chair Multiphase and Reactive Flows, preferably related to metal fuels as energy carriers. You will take courses to obtain the University Teaching Qualification ('BKO'). Next to teaching, you will guide and supervise BSc and MSc with their graduation projects. The supervision is also extended to PhD students under the projects in MRF.

You will actively work on pursuing research grants from different sources, both national funds from the science foundation (STW, NWO), but also European grants within the H2020 program, including an ERC starting grant. Experienced group members will guide the candidate in writing proposals.


  • Teach the education components of the education program;
  • Teach periodic maintenance of the assigned education components;
  • Indicate improvement possibilities for the assigned education components;
  • Carry out independent research for the purpose of science, companies - where possible - government and the business sector.
  • Contribute to the recruitment of second and third flow of funds;
  • Provide specific guidance to the academic personnel in carrying out research;
  • Provide leadership to work groups, committees or project teams in the groups.
  • Arbeidsvoorwaarden

    We offer:
  • a challenging job in a dynamic and ambitious university;
  • a tenure track appointment for a period of five years;
  • a gross monthly full time salary of an assistant professor between €3.400 and €5.330 depending on experience and knowledge;
  • a yearly holiday allowance of 8% of the yearly salary;
  • a yearly end year allowance of 8.3% of the yearly salary;
  • broad, attractive package of fringe benefits (including an excellent technical infrastructure, child care, savings schemes, and excellent sports facilities).
  • Additionele informatie

    Further information with respect to the signature of the position is available from N.G. Deen ( or +3140-2472140).

    Further information concerning employment conditions can be obtained from Ms. S. Opgenoorth, HR advisor ( or +3140-2474465).

    To apply, please use the 'apply now'-button at the top or at the end of this page. Application documents (in PDF format) must contain: letter of motivation, detailed curriculum vitae, transcripts of BSc and MSc grades and PhD diploma (or information on the expected date PhD completion) and contact information of at least two potential referees.


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